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Stopum getting hot! Stopum getting in! Stopum from getting out!


Vehicle Barrier Screens

Vehicle Barrier Screens


Truck Barrier Screens

Truck Barrier Screens

Stopum Barrier Vehicle Screens

Did you know you can be fined if you leave your window down more than 5mm when you are more than 3 metres away from your locked car.
When it is hot we just want to get rid of the hot air build up in our cars.
Stopum Barrier Screen will allow the hot air to escape from your window.

insect screen for your car ,truck ,caravan

Truck Drivers

Do you get to destination ready for a sleep after a long drive, only to find you are hammered with insects,mosquitos and bugs.
Stopum screen will let you sleep peacefully with no insects , mossies, bugs and no one putting their arm in the window.
Helps reduce the heat build-up from fridges running in your cab.
Deters those unwanted visitors from trying to get into your vehicle while you are sleeping or are away from your rig. 

People With Kids

Do your kids like to travel with the windows down?
Are you sick of arguing with the kids to put the windows up when they want them down.
Stopum can satisfy you both, with the screen in the window the kids get the breeze and it also acts as a sunshade.


Do you love to go camping and wish to sleep in your car without being eaten alive by mosquitos?

Great for you or the kids wanting to sleep in your vehicle without insects annoying you .
Do you like to read in your car while camping but hate all the insects and bugs?
Do you hate to lock your food in the car and come back and it is all sweaty and going off?
Do you have your fridge locked in the car and all the hot air circulating from the fridge.
Then Stopum can help you!
Leave your food in the car while you go for a walk without animals getting in.
Lets the hot air from the fridge out.
Sleep peacefully without mossies, bugs, animals getting in.

People With Pets

Do you know it is illegal to leave your pets in the car unattended? (Check your state or territory rules).

Stopum Barrier Screen can keep your pet safe while traveling, so they can’t jump out the window and they still get all the fresh air through the screen.